Project Title: PurpleDocs

Company Name: PurpleBits Infosystems Pvt. Ltd.
Founder: Deepak Gupta
Co-Founder:Pooja Gupta
Email: deepak@purpledocs.com

About Project

PurpleDocs is an end to end records management service offered by PurpleBits Infosystems Pvt. Ltd., Vadodara. The service offers doorstep collection of records, digitization of records, tagging records on custom tags for quick retrieval, cloud backup of e-Records, physical archival of original records and doorstep drop off of original paper based records whenever needed. It is all-in-one service that takes away all the hassles of records management.
We have been successfully providing services to hospitals and corporate houses in Vadodara and Nadiad since 2010. It is extremely important for hospitals to safe keep the indoor patient records for minimum 7 years (as per MCI guidelines) and in case of medical legal cases, the case files are to be maintained till the judgement is out by the highest court in India. PurpleDocs takes away the hassle of records management, clearing storage space and ensuring records security against theft, fire, termites, rodents and natural calamities. Some of our leading customers are VINS Hospital, Vadodara; MPUH Kidney Hospital, Nadiad, Balaji Hospital, Vadodara; Premdas Jalaram Trust Hospital, Vadodara, Shubechcha Hospital, Vadodara.

Deepak and Pooja founded PurpleDocs. Deepak has done BE(Comp Sci) from MSU, Vadodara and M.S. (Comp Sci) from Virginia Tech, USA. Deepak worked with erstwhile telecom giant Nortel for 10 years before starting his entrepreneurial journey. Pooja is also a Software Engineer and comes with 8 years of experience in working with companies like SAP, Tieto and HCL. They both conceptualized and designed all aspects of PurpleDocs including technology and service.

Core Team Member:
Kartik Sarvaiya, heads the Business Development at PurpleDocs. Kartik is a management graduate with a flair for Entrepreneurship having 3 years of experience with a Kolkata based startup Nevaeh Technology Pvt. Ltd. He has also conceptualized and mentored two other startups “Medinook” – A collaborative web-portal in the healthcare domain providing consulting and second opinions over the internet and “SaltnSoap” – An e-commerce portal for groceries and food products currently catering to customers in Kolkata. Having worked with multiple startups before, Kartik understands the challenges of his role in and out and his varied work experience helps him in strategizing the client acquisition process at PurpleDocs.


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