Positive Thinking and Encouragement! What comes to your mind when you listen to these words? As a young entrepreneur, one who is leading a team and achieving goals, how do you react to these words? Entrepreneurship is seen as a wave of change. For these waves, positive thinking and encouragement are infectious and fuel for innovation.

The beauty lies in the simplicity. Sometimes, small, ordinary faces and words can inspire you a lot. We are listing below some ordinary and common phrases, which have profound power to generate positive thinking and encourage your team.


Phrase 1: “I am wrong”

Yes, you read it right. “I am wrong”. How many of us are really able to say these three little words? They are actually most difficult words to say. Accepting that you are wrong, doesn’t make you weak. In fact, it demonstrates your credibility and integrity.

Set an example in your young team. At leadership position, it becomes more difficult to admit that you are wrong. But, not doing so can be more hazardous. As a human being, it is inevitable to make mistakes. In fact, being stubborn will actually create a disharmony and negative atmosphere in your organization. By mastering the ability to admit your faults, you will win trust and create a strong team of trustworthy associates.

Acknowledge your wrong doings, and heal yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. Of course, you also need to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes twice.

Phrase 2: “I am Sorry”

Another difficult phrase. More than admitting you are wrong, it is even more difficult to ask forgiveness for your wrong doing. “I am sorry” doesn’t make sense if you don’t mean it sincerely. It requires transporting in the other person’s shoes. It also requires patience and seeing the situation from other’s perspective. It requires to be more empathetic towards them. And, moreover it requires understanding them without being judgemental.

Phrase 3: “Yes, You Can Do It!”

“Always be generous with your encouraging words, you may inspire others to be the best they can be” – Catherine Pulsifier.

A start-up journey is not easy. Your small team of associates becomes your strength and you become theirs. At this time, it is important to reinforce lessons of faith, optimism, and hardwork in your team. You can instill a “can-do” attitude in your team by following a simple philosophy- Just encourage them and say “Yes, You can do it”, no matter what circumstances are … and no matter what others say.

A “can do” attitude is like a chain reaction. It has the ability to influence people. The more encouraged and positive your team is, the more opportunities come your way. Sometimes, it is the only thing you have. And sometimes, only this attitude helps you achieve your goals.

Phrase 4: “I am proud of you”

We humans have always longed for recognition and acknowledgement from others. It becomes more beautiful when someone else comes and tells you “ I am proud of you”. Who woudn’t love a pat on their back? Each one of us is unique. We bring this uniqueness to our team. As a leader of your team, learn to see uniqueness in each of your associates and be proud of them. This will inspre them to do their best.

We have needed words of encouragement and recognition in our childhood, and we need them even now. It doesn’t matter at what stage your team is, we still need them. It is uplifting, motivating and has a remarkable effect on your team

Phrase 5: “Thank You”

Entrepreneurship is a team work. You can not achieve your goal without your team. Saying “Thank You” is an acknowledgement for other person’s efforts. It indicates to your team that you value them. It expresses your kind thoughts for the person. And, yes it increases your leadership brand. Saying these simple words actually encourages your team to contribute more.

Remember people like to be thanked and they need to be thanked. Saying thanks is the most powerful phrase for positivity and encouragement.

Phrase 6: “I need you”

Team stands for Together Everyone Achieves More. There is no “I” in team. Team means “we”. It means “we” are working towards a goal. All of us need to feel that we are needed. That we are contributing in achieving our common goal. Enterprises where people don’t feel needed, are moving towards uncertainity and dissatisfaction. Your team will become an ambition-less, daily wage slaves. Their job will lack enthusiasm, ideas and hence, creativity and innovation.

Phrase 7: “I trust you”

How do you feel when someone tells you “I trust you”? Being trusted, is the most important quality of leadership. To be worthy of your followers, you should be worthy of their trust.  When you are trusted, people like to follow you, to be around you and become friends with you. It takes time to build trust. And the essential for any trust is friendship.

Being trustworthy means delivering what you promised. For an entrepreneur, trusting your team is important. It is important to trust them, when you are not around. But, they become trustworthy when you, as a leader are trustworthy, if you as a leader have reputation of being trustworthy. Saying “I trust you” and actually meaning it, will cement your relationship with your team.

Phrase 8: “ I respect you”

Everyone you meet contributes in your life in somewayv or the other. Learn to respect them. You don’t demand respect, you earn respect. If you want to be respected by your team mates, first you have to respect them.  People don’t like to be part of a team, where they are not respected. The respect has to come from your heart. It takes respect for all associates for an enterprise to succeed. Without, basic respect for your team, your enterprise is doomed to fail.

Respect comes when you discover the reasons to do so. The reason comes from listening to them. Listen to your team-mates, listen about their achievements, show genuiene interest in them and you will start respecting them. And in turn, you will earn their respect.


Hence, be the kind of leader that you would follow.

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