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1)  Back To A 9 TO 5 Job

Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. And everyone doesn’t need to be an entrepreneur.  Today, one gets carried away with all the excitement and enthusiasm around the word “Start-Up”. Before you actually decide to take the plunge, ask yourself “Do you have what it takes?”.  This article shares insights on how several founders have gone back to being an employee from being an employer and how their entrepreneurial journey helped them in their new aspirations.

You can read the article here.

2)     The Ideas That Clicked

This is a list of innovative concepts compiled by Swedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson AB. The list features innovative concepts by students across the country showing how technology can be utilized to create a value.

You can read the article here.

3)     Terms of Engagement

Due Diligence during various rounds of funding is a rigorous process.  It involves a review of various aspects of business like accounting, customers, markets, team, finance, structure, etc.  The article shares the various stages of due diligence Pre-Termsheet, Post-Termsheet and possible red flags during the due diligence process.

You can read this article here.

4)     Ignorance and Denial are the biggest Risks

Risks are an integral part of the entrepreneurial journey. Most important risks are ignorance and denial for any entrepreneur.  If an entrepreneur is armed with correct information, then these risks can be avoided. But, sometimes one ignores taking the correct information and lives in denial.  The article by Mr. Subroto Bagchi gives easy steps to deal with these risks.

You can read the article here.



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