Live Webcast for whatnext 2013

Ahmedabad, on Saturday witnesses the inaugural edition of whatnext 2013 by icreate. The conference will host elaborate sessions of emerging technologies that will make waves across world economy in the coming years by 2025.

Speakers like Dr. Jacques Bughin (Director, Mc Kinsey and Co.) , Dr. Harry Yuklea (Technion Univ. & Advisory Board Member, icreate) , Dr. Madhukumar Mehta (Chief mentor, icreate) and Mr. Sunil Parekh (Conference Convener, Founding Curator- GSI at World Economic Forum, Geneva) will be interacting with the audience on the accompanying opportunities and exploratory grounds for these emerging disruptive technologies.


However, if you couldn’t make it to AMA, on Sat. Dec 14, you can still enjoy the entire conference in the conformities of your home or workplace. You can keep in tabs with the conference through our LIVE webcast on our official website.

You can also get updates from our Twitter account @icreateNextGen .


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