Is This The Right Start-Up For You?

We humans keep on running and searching after things which are not known to us. We have curiosity rooted down inside our mind which always starves us for exposure. While working in a company our curiosity ends up wondering for possibilities and acceptability among people. So is “Start-Up” the curiosity you were looking for?




Culture at Start-Up

Fun to work and impressive: What defines fun; Ambience of a place where you wish to work? The time you spend with your colleagues? Well, time to time the definition of fun and impressive gesture keeps on changing. You cannot express it in sentences but you surly can observe it when it comes to joining a nascent venture of your interest.

WORK AND LIFE BALANCE: Stress has many causes, not only the rigid or orthodox culture causes it but also sometimes unenthusiastic and non-communicating people can built a stressful culture for a student to work in a nascent venture. The environment is new. Would you not consider it before you join?

SPIRIT OF SHARING: It is exciting to know history of our family from our grandmother and father. It connects us to our society and ancestors. If any nascent ventures culture is expressive and intriguing in sharing past experiences of the company than it is significant for students to keep a note of such a culture.

FEEDBACK: Communication holds the fort for any organization. Smashing off that fort would be devastating for any organization. Until and unless employees are observed to be sharing their experience with new students, it would be difficult for any student to choose their choice of nascent venture.



Founding Team at Start-Up

ENERGETIC AND REFRESHING: how does hanging out with friends and family energises you and makes you feel fresh when you are tired of everyday work and job. That freshness consists of loved ones around. That is the similar refreshment and energy you should look for in the team members of a nascent venture as a student.

POSITIVE AND CURIOUS: curiosity occurs when you as a student would want to give in totally for the work you are doing. It interests you and so you would work for it and curious to dig in deep about it. Though, you would be able to dig in only if the members of the team are positive towards your work in a nascent venture.

Leadership: it is somehow nature’s settlement of one human becoming superior to other in regard to have a desired result of the work. If the leadership department of any nascent venture is handled strictly with positive approach towards his/her other team members than as a student you would be encouraged to join it.

Appreciation: this term mean a lot to these days generation. It includes care, support, respect etc. it also sometimes is rhymes with recognition. As a student everybody would want that. It is in their hand whether or not they want to be appreciated and recognized by the team at nascent venture.




Product/Service of Start-Up

Solving interesting problems: We sometimes fight with each other and often fight within ourselves regard any issue or problem. It becomes easy if someone guides us and shows us a different path to walk on. Would you not want to see how someone else’s ideas or experience can help you as well as others to solve interesting work life problems in a nascent venture?

Unique: you stand tall among people if you are unique. In simpler term “different”; will the job or work would provide you with a chance to stand tall among the society if you work for a nascent venture?

product and service


Your Role in a Start-Up

Value: If you are willing to add value to our country by supporting the concept of ‘democracy’ and ensuring that you vote, then you would surly want to add value to your own work-place and your role in that. Not only for one’s own self but that eventually results in the growth of our country as well. “What comes around goes around.”

Sense of pride: It is human nature to take pride in the work they perform for people. One never goes empty handed home in a nascent venture as it provides unique and fascinating experience of work; And so, as a student you would always have a sense of pride of achieving something greater.

Opportunities: Everybody knows that opportunity knocks once, but it has a scope of many in experience. Willingness to learn, explore, have a multi-disciplinary idea regarding a particular work or job is important. As a student, you would want to add more exposure in your CV and for your own self.



As every discussion has a conclusion, this topic of curiosity also has a remedy. It is of drawing a decision out of these many possibilities of interests in a Start-Up and learning how to balance these interests for figuring out where would you fit in?

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