It is 2066. You are now old. Times have changed radically; technology has moved on, food is scarce, and water has nearly run out. Only the rich survive, there is pandemonium all around and what future we thought there was, is does not exist anymore.

This is the sort of situation we would rather hope to avoid because that is not the world we want to give our children or live our last days in. In 2016 itself, these precious resources are only common in the big countries and rich cities. Much of Western Asia, Eastern Europe, and Northern Africa is stressed for water. 2.8 Billion People are said to be affected with water shortages by 2025. Much of what water we have, is not fit for consumption, nor is it accessible. And as that water runs out, so will ways to grow enough food. In India, much of the grown food is bought from farmers at extremely unreasonable rates leaving them with barely enough money to survive the off season. But in cities, market rates of food products and increasing and quality of food is decreasing. Healthy food, is being pushed out of the market by unhealthy, cheap and readily available food products.

This bad water is messing with digestive systems, spreading diseases, the lack of nutrients and overconsumption of fats, oils and other chemicals are messing with body chemistry.

Clearly, this problem is not going to go away on its own.

The challenge is simple, we think that these problems need to be tackled as quickly as possible but at the same time, the solutions should be well thought out, innovative, accessible and extremely robust. Put on your thinking caps. Think! Innovate! Produce! Bring about a revolutionary change!

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