Genesis of icreate’s Start-Up Fair: Summer 2015

startup fair

Genesis of life includes beliefs, values, nature, people, good, evil etc. If you calculate all in one it needs addition of workforce to achieve evolution, balance and degeneration. When certain rocks are found to be transparent to translucent they are known as gems.

Here, at Start-Up fair what we look for are those precious gems that are rarely found and established in the world. Start-Up Fair: Summer 2015 is a special platform for these gems to be established worldwide with utilization of their talent and laying workforce into these gems of people.

These gems include two eccentric. Talent is available with youth and workforce is needed by nascent venture. What icreate does is the work of a viaduct, bringing two different types of experts together for something innovative and exciting. Companies who are incubated or commercially in operation less than a year are given the terminology of “Nascent ventures” here. They are companies with ideas and projects but are with limited resources. On the other side, there are students uninformed to ideas about new companies in abundant number. It is a platform for such people and talent.

It is a two day fair where events are scheduled for participants to explore and attain new perspective regarding becoming a precious gem among the society. On the very first day, pitch is scheduled so that nascent ventures can explain their motto and idea to students, in continuation to that a time slot is allotted to students to apply to their pursuit company. There are other events also planned for students as well as companies like networking dinner and various key-note sessions to acquire more insight. One of the significance of this fair includes service providers, who are the people with ‘the digging machines for the gems’; they are caterers to Start-Up. For this very purpose, arrangements of B2B meetings are kept between companies and service providers.

As we discovered by now that our intent is to bring out the best of gems into society by providing aid to all the nascent ventures and students. There is a special arrangement of speakers for nascent venture, students, parents and faculties of colleges and universities to understand and explore the initiative of icreate.

While concluding, if in search of promising talent or right opportunity for your talent, register at and to do it as soon as possible as the seats are modest.

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