Frequently Asked Questions ( Students and Aspirants)


Why should I work at a Nascent Venture?

Why not? There are various advantages that a Nascent Venture can offer you, which a larger company might not. These ventures provide an incredible learning curve and a chance to work on exciting technologies. Most nascent ventures are small, and they require team members to take multiple responsibilities, take the task at hand and complete it on time. You move swiftly at a nascent venture after some time. Also, if you are keen to take an entrepreneurial journey yourself, an experience with a Start-Up will be of immense value.

If I’m a student looking for an internship, can I attend?

The job fair is perfect for you. Many of the Nascent Ventures will be looking for interns.

I am a graduate student. Can I still come?

Of course, you can.  If you are a fresh graduate (pass out batch of 2015) you can register as a student. If you have graduated before that you can register under the aspirant category.

Who is an aspirant?

An aspirant is someone who is not a student or a fresher. He/She may have few/many years of experience, maybe retired or a housewife and is interested to work in a Start-Up.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. You do. We have a limited capacity and to ensure your participation, you need to register in advance. Precautions are always better than cure.

Is there a fee? What does it include?

Well, apart from the chance to get involved in Ahmedabad’s startup scene and to land your dream job or internship, you will also be able to attend the keynote sessions and panel discussion.

What is the registration process and how do we pay our attendance fee?

You can register using a credit/debit card directly from the website or you can turn up at our office to register and pay.  The address is 1st Floor GMDC Building, 132 Ft Ring Road, Helmet Cross Road Ahmedabad.

What about lunch?

The venue has a canteen where you will be able to purchase food and beverages.

What should I bring?

Please make sure to bring copies of your resume, business card (if you have one) or any other material which you would like to present to the ventures. Closer to the date of the fair, we will share a suggested CV/Resume format will all registered participants.

How should I dress?

Nascent Ventures are typically less formal than a corporate environment; therefore formal dress is not required; however, we would suggest wearing smart casuals.

How do I know which nascent ventures will be attending?

Nascent Ventures attending will be listed on the website. We will also provide pamphlets on the day of the Fair listing the nascent venture and the positions they are seeking to fill.

How many nascent ventures will be looking for interns vs. full-time hires?

It will be nearly an even split. Some nascent venture will be looking for both.

Can I attend B2B meetings and the Networking Dinner?

No. The B2B meetings are a dedicated slot for service providers and the Networking Dinner is for Nascent Ventures and invited guests.

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