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Do I qualify as a Nascent Venture?

If you are incubated or into commercial operation for less than a year, then you are a Nascent Venture and can apply for Start-Up Fair: Summer 2015.

Do I need to register in advance?

Yes. You do. We have a limited capacity and to ensure your participation, you need to register in advance. Also, registering in advance allows us to share your requirements with the Fair participants. The last date to register is 14th June, 2015.

Is there a fee involved?

Yes. There is a participation fee of Rs 1999/- if you register by 14th June (Early Bird Discount) . Post this date, registration fee is Rs 2499/-.

What is the registration process and how do we pay our attendance fee?

You can register using a credit/debit card directly from the website  or you can turn up at our office to register and pay.  The address is 1st Floor GMDC Building, 132 Ft Ring Road, Helmet Cross Road Ahmedabad.

What do I get by registering as a Nascent Venture?

Well, apart from the chance to interact, screen, conduct interviews and select potential employees and interns, you will be given access to a pre-event Workshop ( 24th June, 2015) on refining your pitch and how to pick the right candidate; access to a networking dinner involving all the registered start-ups, invited guests, angels; designated B2B slot to interact with Service Providers (Designers, IT solutions, law firms, co-working spaces, etc.)

What type of candidates will attend Start-Up Fair: Summer 2015?

Students, freshers and aspirants from diverse backgrounds will attend the fair. Siimarily, the focus is on students and freshers awaiting offer letter/joining date, flying abroad for a degree, In the middle of a “Break Year”, having time-on-hand, looking for opportunities to contribute.  Young or old professionals (aspirants) keen to contribute to the startup ecosystem too will attend the Start – Up Fair.

What will be the profile of other people who will turn up at the Fair?

There is a special segment for service providers ( IT, Law, CAs, co-working spaces etc) who wish to reach out to the startups. Special guests like parents, faculty, startup enthusiasts, etc. will also be invited.

What is the event format like?

It is a 2 day event on Saturday, 27th and Sunday, 28th June 2015.

Day 1 will start with keynote sessions. This will be followed by parallel sector-wise nascent venture pitches where these Ventures will pitch their employment requirements and offers to the participants. Later in the afternoon is a dedicated slot for B2B meetings where Service Providers will get a chance to interact with the Nascent Ventures.  The day ends with a networking dinner for the participating nascent ventures and invited guests.

Day 2 will start with keynote sessions followed by the Job Fair. The second day is focussed towards personal interviews with shortlisted/selected candidates. We end the day with a panel discussion.

How many representatives can a venture bring?

Maximum 2 people can represent a venture for the events at Start-Up Fair.

When do we setup?

You will be given access to the venue on Friday, 26th June, 2015. More details and the floor plan will be shared with you on 24th June, 2015 at the pre-event workshop.

What will our table setup look like?

Each nascent venture will get a desk, two chairs, and space to put up maximum two standees near the desk. You are required to bring your own stationary and other necessary commodities.

NOTE: The tables are not against a wall so if you are planning on bringing something that must be hung – please don’t. Also, you will not be allowed to ‘stick’ posters, banners, etc. to the table. If you have additional needs for a demonstration please contact us in advance so we can try to meet your needs.

Will we have access to power outlets and Wi-Fi?

Yes, each table will have access to outlets and our venue will have Wi-Fi access.

What is the last date to register?

Last date for nascent venture to register is on 14th June 2015.

Will food be provided?

Yes, Lunch will be provided but only for two representatives of a nascent venture.

What is the networking dinner all about?

The idea to host a networking dinner is to give an opportunity to nascent ventures to interact with each other and the special guests.The attendance fee allows only for one person to represent a venture at networking dinner. If you wish to attend as a team, then you need to register other member prior to the event.  You can register 1 more member ( maximum) at a cost of Rs. 900/person.

What about the B2B meeting?

Apart from the fresh promising talent, there are various other requirements of a Nascent Venture like co-working spaces, CAs, IT solutions, etc. B2B meeting is a platform where the ventures can interact with registered service providers which will cater to the requirements of start-ups.

What is the Pre-Event Workshop?

One of the segments of the fair, is where Nascent Ventures will pitch to the participants about themselves and employment opportunities available at their venture. This pitch is critical and can make or break their image in front of the prospective employees/interns.

icreate has therefore, designed a pre-event workshop where icreate mentors will help Nascent Ventures sharpen their pitch. They will also provide tips on how to pick the right candidate. The pre-event workshop will be held on Wednesday, 24th June at the icreate office. One representative from the Nascent Venture can participate in this workshop.

What is Start-Up Pitches?

On 27th of June, nascent ventures will pitch about themselves; various intern-ships and employment opportunities available at their venture. This will help student/ fresher and aspirants to know about your venture.

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  1. Bidhan Chand Ray says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to atend start up fair. Please send me the details about the that.

    Thanks and regards with

    Bidhan Chand Ray

    • icreate says:

      Dear Bidhan,
      You can visit our website for all the information and updates. Last date to register for nascent ventures is 22nd June Last date to register for students/aspirants and service providers is 25th June


      team icreate

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