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Are you still wondering what is Start-Up Fair: Winter 2015? We thought let us help you  know more about it.

June 27th and 28th 2015 witnessed the 2 day Start-Up Fair for Students and Nascent Ventures organised by icreate. This fair helped students and professionals to come and explore career and internship opportunities with nascent ventures. It also enabled all the stakeholders from the entrepreneurial fraternity to recognize and interact with a pool of talent across various sectors.

This 2-day fair saw multiple sessions targeting students, parents & faculties as well as Nascent Ventures.  The students, parents and faculties were benefited by the sessions enabling them to appreciate the changing landscape of career options and how would it enhance one’s career by working with a nascent venture. The Nascent ventures got to know about how to leverage talent to work with them Apart from this, there was a job fair, Panel discussion and B2B meetings. The 27th provided all with networking opportunities during the Networking Dinner. The event came to an end with a panel discussion about making Ahmedabad the start-up hub of India. Get the feel of the previous event here.

On 6th Dec 2015 icreate & VentureStudio are organizing a one day Job Fair in Ahmedabad – Start-Up Fair: Winter 2015. This fair is an event which is a must do for everyone looking to work with ventures that would utilise their talent to the fullest. Participating Start-ups would be showcasing their innovative products, garnering the interest of not only students and professionals  but also service- providers and various stakeholders of entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Start-Up Fair-Winter 2015

Start-up Fair: Winter 2015 will enrich the attendees’ knowledge with the panel discussion by stalwarts: “Aligning Passion- Creating a Win-Win for the Employer and the Employee in a Start-Up”. There would also be a power packed workshop that deals with working in a start-up environment.

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