Disruptive Technologies You Need To Know About Part 3

This final post is in lines to the previous post about “Disruptive Technologies You Need To Know About Part 1 & 2”.


The application of next-generation genomics across sectors such as agriculture, biofuel and healthcare could have a direct impact of between $700 billion to $1.6 trillion per year by 2025. 80% of this value would be attributable to impact of next-generation genomics in healthcare. The combination of next-generation genomics with nanotechnology to build new targeted cancer drugs has emerged as potential technologies working synergistically.

3d mckinsey

3D printing has also been identified as one of the disruptive technologies that could deliver potential impact on global economy. It will have an impact on consumer driven businesses with highly customizable products. Some of these industries include toys, jewelry and footwear. In fact, the McKinsey report  believes that by 2025 global sales of 3D printed products in these industries alone lay somewhere between $230-550 billion per year.

Advanced materials, over the past decade have been devised as smart materials that are self-healing or self cleaning; memory metals that can revert to their original shapes; piezoelectric ceramics and crystals that turn pressure into energy and nanomaterials. Advanced nanomaterials such as grapheme and carbon nanotubes could drive significant impact. Pharmaceutical companies are finally stepping in on research using nanoparticles for targeted drug treatments for diseases such as cancer.

Tomorrow, marks whatnext 2013, a must attend conference for anyone planning a career, starting an enterprise, or planning to provide services in these 12 disruptive sectors.  The venue for this tech-convention is AMA, Ahmedabad.

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