Disruptive Technologies You Need To Know About Part 2

This post talks about the disruptive technologies you need to know about in continuation with our previous post. Here’s the next part.

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SOURCE: Mc Kinsey Global Institute

Advanced robotics sector has potential to reach 1.7-4.5 $ trillion annually in year 2025. Advanced robotics are robots or robotic tools, with enhanced “senses,” dexterity, and intelligence. They can take on tasks once thought too delicate or uneconomical to automate. These technologies can also generate benefits in health sector, including robotic surgical systems that make procedures less invasive, as well as robotic prosthetics and “exoskeletons” that restore functions of amputees and the elderly.

Over the next few years, automation in vehicles could enable a revolution in ground transportation. Autonomous and near autonomous vehicles are those that can navigate and operate with reduced or no human intervention. The probable benefits of autonomous cars and trucks include reduced carbon dioxide emission, more leisure or work time for motorists (with hands-off driving) and increased productivity in the trucking industry.

Energy storage includes devices or systems that store energy for later use, including batteries. Over the next decade, advances in energy storage technology could make electric vehicles cost competitive with vehicles based on internal combustion engines.

In developing economies, renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydro-electric and ocean wave have the potential to bring reliable power to places it has never reached.

Harnessing technology for oil and gas exploration and recovery can potentially unlock new types of reserves, including coalbed methane, tight sandstones and methane clathrates, potentially ushering in another energy “revolution”.

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