Consider working with a start-up : At least once!


Start-ups are the ideal place to start your career with if one wants a fast growing career. They’re certainly not for everyone, but if fast-paced environment fascinates you, if you enjoy working with others and don’t shy away from hands-on work, start-ups offer the experience you need to learn about what drives you. Contributing whole heartedly to add value to a growing company and donning multiple hats is what provides the rush. You will discover your strengths and weak points. Are you a good speaker, a good strategist, a good communicator or a good listener? You can figure out this all and more when you are put to the test by a start-up.

Never underestimate the power of working with a start-up. By far, it has more advantages than one could even imagine. Many graduates either make a beeline for professional courses or join an established company to get into the steady salary zone hoping to have it all in a few years time. What the youth is unaware of is that keeping future prospects in mind, it is more rewarding to work with a start-up than working for an established company or rushing in to get into a professional course.

Learning is the one thing you’ll do most in a start-up, and you’ll do a lot of it. The most priceless thing you’ll learn is getting over the fear of failure. Failing is part of life and joining a start-up will teach you how to learn from your mistakes.

One might have to forego the luxury of a fat pay check but the amount of experience gained is invaluable. Working with a start-up will groom you for the future. Achieving success is never easy. It usually comes the hard way, and that’s part of growing up as a professional. Working for a start-up is by far the best learning experience you shouldn’t miss. So learn to manage your expectations, try to be pragmatic and grow your self-esteem by joining a challenging workforce that demands high levels of commitment, dedication, presence of mind and astute intelligence.

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