12 Disruptive Technologies That Are Changing The World

Even though we don’t always see it every day, technology and businesses are moving at a breakneck pace, dismantling industries, saving lives and transforming the world.

Rumblings about the next big thing can make it difficult to identify which technologies truly matter. Dec 14th, Saturday, 2013, marks the opening of a technological confluence that embarks on an interactive journey to identify 12 disruptive technologies that will transform life, business and the global economy.

Dr. Jacques Bughin, Director, Mc Kinsey & Company will open this discussion based on the latest report by Mc. Kinsey’s Global Institute. These 12 technologies identified in the report is claimed to have a potential economic impact between $ 14 trillion and $ 33 trillion a year in 2025.

The conference whatnext 2013 is an attempt to sort through the many claims to identify the technologies that have the greatest impact to drive substantial economic impact and disrupt by 2025 & to identify which potential impacts, the entrepreneurial leaders of tomorrow should know about.

The 12 disruptive technologies identified include: mobile Internet, automation of knowledge and work, Internet of things, cloud technology, advanced robotics, autonomous and near-autonomous vehicles, next-generation genomics, energy storage, 3D printing, advanced materials, advanced oil and gas exploration and recovery, renewable energy.

Here’s a breakdown of the potential impacts of the 12 disruptive technologies

12 disruptive 1

SOURCE: Mc Kinsey Global Institute analysis


Chart showing how these technologies will change the world around

12 disruptive 2

SOURCE: Mc Kinsey Global Institute analysis



You can register for whatnext2013 at AMA, Ahmedabad on Saturday, Dec. 14th right here.

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