Avani Patel




Avani Patel is Marine biologist by education and entrepreneur at heart. Following her love for travel, she co-founded a niche travel company named Broken Compass in 2010 and made a successful exit in early 2017. Her journey with Broken compass has given her a hands-on experience on-ground reality, challenges of a start-up, what it takes to become a successful start-up and how to transit to a mature firm. Her decade and a half long career straddle experiences in industries including Hospitality and Travel, Marine Research, and Retail and Wholesale of grains and oils. Her skillsets include efficient execution of an idea from scratch, business operations, process planning and crisis management. When she is not travelling or reading about business operations and planning, she juggles with her ever-growing list of passions like scuba diving, mountaineering and, participating in triathlons. If you are wondering how she manages to balance it all, maybe it is her formal training in Bharatnatyam.