Venture Xplore

Project Title: VentureXplore

Founder: Vivek Singh

About Project

Ever since its foundation in October 2013, VentureXplore has a foresight vision to spread Entrepreneurship throughout the country by a variety of creative means and tools. To achieve this, they have developed gadgets like online game, board game and comic book which is targeted to an audience of all ages at par.

Project Lead – Vivek Singh
Vivek, (Mukhiya), 23, an ambitious Undergrad turned Entrepreneur from DAIICT, Gandhinagar in the ICT discipline. He has an experience of turning a struggling F&B outlet into a profitable venture. He has also worked as a software engineer prior to pursuing Entrepreneurship as a career.

Team :
Umang, (Thought Processor), 22, an ECE grad from Institute of Technology, Nirma University, joined as intern during his last year of graduation and headed the research part of the project with full vigour. He rejected a lucrative job offer to be a part of the core team at VentureXplore.
Romil, (Mooniya), 22, too is an ECE grad from Institute of Technology, Nirma University and a last-year-intern-turned-core-team-member dealt with the designing team and made his contribution to the journey with his expertise.

Interns :
Anshuman (Go-To-Guy), 20, a 3rd year Computer Engineering student from Institute of Technology, Nirma University has contributed his versatile persona and skills to carry out the final touches with Photoshop.
Bhavin (Professor), 20, a 3rd year Computer Engineering student from Institute of Technology, Nirma University, a perfectionist who handled the research work right from the base level be it any topic in and around the world of entrepreneurship.
Devshri (SriDevi), 21, a 3rd year CEPT student, a multifaceted artist who headed the illustration work by translating her entrepreneurial knowledge into beautiful sketches.
Pratyashi (Khandvi), 20, a 3rd year APIED student, a talented and fast learning artist who could literally create a striking picture from mere words.
Rohan (Foochie), 21, a 4th year IT student from Institute of Technology, Nirma University, an ever optimistic techie, made his contribution of expansive coding skills in developing the technical end at VentureXplore.


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