Project Title: Hubilo

Company Name: Hubilo Softech PVT. LTD.
Founder: Vaibhav Jain & Mayank Agarwal

About Project

Events are one of the key sources of new prospects and business opportunities-they help you accelerate sales, increase brand awareness among your target audience, communicate your message to the potential leads and create a cohesive environment to network and close deals. The problem lies in the way these events are orchestrated. Till date, there have not been any advancements made in the technology involved in the whole concept of organizing an event and leveraging the opportunities it creates.

Hubilo is a one-stop solution which proffers the event organizer- a complete event automation suit wherein processes such as creation and promotion of the event, engagement of the attendees, analysing the event proceedings, is automated in a matter of time.

Project lead : Vaibhav Jain | Co – Founder & CEO

Current Roles : Looks after Product Design, Sales, Strategy, Finance, Team building and pitching to marquee clients.

Background : Vaibhav completed his graduation from Dhirubhai Ambani Institute of Information and Communication Technology in 2013. He majored in IT and has been a part of many design teams and projects. He took his GMATs, CATs and XATs only to realize that entrepreneurship was the best investment of his time. He has attended over 250 conferences and has organized a few. He understands the problems and needs of the stakeholders involved in an event, may it be the organizers, the attendees, the sponsors or the exhibitors, and has developed a comprehensive solution to this – HUBILO.

Team: The team currently consists of 25 diligent members, with a diversity of experience in different disciplines but now specializing in event technology. What binds them is their vision to build a global brand and a global team to disrupt the online management space in the events industry.