Project Title: Bioscan

Founder: Shilpa Malik

About Bioscan: 

Design and development of contact less, radiation free routine diagnostic test for early and accurate diagnosis of heart disease

Project Lead – Shilpa Malik
Shilpa, a computer engineer with marketing qualification. She started her career as Scientist-B in DRDO, where she worked on pilot display system followed by her transfer to program management group. Her last job before plunging into entrepreneurship involved new product development, where she served as product Manager.
She is leading hardware development, disease state research, algorithm design, IP strategy formulation, Clinical Research strategy formulation, and Capital planning.

Team :
Nidhi Singh, an electronics engineer with 3 yrs work experience in project management and infrastructure planning at TCS. She is currently involved in hardware development and algorithm evaluation.

Interns :
Shalin Parikh, a biomedical student, working on disease state research Svara Vashi, a biomedical student, working on clinical evaluation Naveen Gour, a law student, working on IP Strategy Ravi Kumar Patel, a biomedical student, working on Fund raising


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