Project Title: WishVilla.com

Company Name: WishVilla Ecommerce Pvt Ltd
Founder:  Tarun Gandhi
Email: tarun@wishvilla.com

About Project

WishVilla.com aims to bring authentic and region-specific products from all across India right to your doorstep. The company is the brainchild of Mr. Tarun Gandhi, a qualified Engineer who has vast experience in the e-commerce field. Ably supported by a highly capable team, the internet portal will work to serve purchasers by bringing to them original region-specific products. The company assures the buyer a smooth, hassle-free buying process, with easy payment and efficient delivery. We share the benefits of direct sourcing from original vendors of such regionally well known product, eliminating middle layers, thus bringing the goods to you at most reasonable prices.
At WishVilla.com, we select every vendor with care and source some of the finest quality, specialty items from every state in India. These products harness the skills of the artisan and are likely to strike an emotional chord with the consumer. Each and every product will be the realization of what you had on your wish list but couldn’t easily access. You are sure to love and cherish owning and using our products.


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