Call for applications for iCreate Entrepreneurial Litmus Test Accelerator – iELT Accelerator

Do you have simple clarity on how to convert your dream project into a high growth business?

Does your business vision extend to scaling up nationally and even internationally?

You yourself will be guided to finding the answers to these and many other relevant questions over the four week long “litmus test”. You will be in the company of many similar entrepreneurs and the cohort as a whole will traverse this fascinating journey together in a residential programme at the iCreate Campus at Dev Dholera, Ahmedabad.

About us

International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology is an autonomous Centre of Excellence for Entrepreneurship and Technology founded by Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India. iCreate’s reason for existence is converting NextGen innovators into successful businesses.

Situated on a world class 40-acre campus, iCreate offers residential facilities, labs, office space, mentors, market access as well as seed capital for projects it incubates. A not for profit organization, iCreate is largely funded by the Government of Gujarat as well as the Central Government.


About the iCreate Idea Accelerator

This two-and-a-half-week program will enable very early stage startups and innovators to quickly understand whether their innovation can become a successful business. Selected participants would be guided through a series of steps that include intense classroom sessions, real customer feedback and one to one mentoring. This will enable them to validate whether their idea is feasible and improve their chance of success. The programme culminates in a Demo Day. Who can apply? Anybody who has an innovative idea to solve a real-world problem

Program Structure

Essentially, the programme is split into three modules: Module 1: This would be an intense round of class room sessions where the selected participants would define the value proposition of their proposed service/ product, their target market segment, the finances involved and then put the projected numbers (target customers, value proposition to them and costs of doing business) into a basic financial plan. Projected numbers will guide the path to understand whether the idea can become a successful, high growth business. (4 days) Module 2: This would be a 10 day market access program, where the selected projects would be actually going out to the market for validating the idea. (10 days) Module 3: Equipped with the insights from market access exercise, the projects would rework their value proposition, technology, and get prepared for the demo day. (3days) DEMO DAY: The program would finally conclude with a demo-day where the projects would pitch to a panel at iCreate for possible support for development of the prototype based on their idea.

Essentially, the 17 Days are split into three modules.

Operational Details

Investment per project (max 2 people per project): Rs. 12,000/- inclusive of training, stay and meals Apply Now

About the iELT Accelerator

The iELT Accelerator will be a very intense programme of three modules, spanning over four weeks. Its starting point is you – a person with a product or service ready to be taken to market. We understand that you have already completed the work needed to have an almost ready offering. This programme is designed to take you through a series of steps that give you the confidence that you and your product have what it takes to build a high growth company.

Essentially, the four weeks are split into three modules.

At the end of the programme, based on your findings and experience during this acceleration exercise, if you have a credible growth story, you will pitch in front of an external panel for possible seed funding and further incubation support.

iCreate will also give you a certificate for having participated and successfully completed this programme.

Operational details

This program being very intensive in nature is residential at the iCreate campus at Ahmedabad. The program investment is inclusive of the lodging and boarding (max of 2 people per project). The investment for all 3 modules is Rs. 40,000/- (forty thousand only) per project. Apart from this, each participant would need to make a payment of Rs. 5775/- towards meal package (all meals included) . There are a limited number of sponsorships that will allow some select applications to a 50% waiver.

Next Batch Starts from 24th February 2020

Please feel free to get in touch with us at , should you need any further assistance or help in the interim. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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