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16 November 2017 - 22 November 2017

The first of a series of webinar is hosted at iCreate Campus on 22 November at iCreate 5:30 pm onwards.

Dr Dan Engels, Director of MSC programme in Data Science and Shaibal Chakrabaty are America’s preeminent experts on cybersecurity and IoT.

Dan has a PhD in Scheduling Hard and Software Partitioning in Embedded System Design and is the director of the MSC Data Science Programme at Southern Methodist University. He is the world’s leading expert in RfID and mobile technology systems.

Shaibal is completing his PhD in Securing IoT for Smart Cities and is also currently a lecturer in data and networking having completed many years in corporates including CISCO and Uber.

These experienced academics have pledged their time to deliver an informative lecture followed by Q&A which will begin a series of interactive sessions on IoT and cybersecurity and continue with blockchain and other interesting topics.

The first session is on Wednesday 22 November at 8PM IST at iCreate campus. We’d love to have you come visit the campus for a networking event held with our partners CISCO at 530pm IST and then join us for dinner before the lecture starts.