Panel Presentation – whatnext 2015!

Panel Presentation

You get the chance to showcase your enterprise, project or idea in a 10 minute pitch to a panel of  investors/VC’s. This includes Q & A time.

Please note this information will be used for the limited purpose of shortlisting internally by icreate. The VCs/Investors participating in the Panel Presentation will be asked to sign a Non-Disclosure Undertaking.


Who qualifies as Pre-Seed (Early) Stage Startup?

  • May not necessarily be a registered company (* willing to register if positive)
  • Should have a sound idea and value proposition
  • The proof of concept should be ready and validated
  • Should have a team ( other than founding members) in place
  • Looking for seed or round A investments in the next 12 months timeframe

 Application Process

This process gives you the opportunity to present your startup to icreate for shortlisting. You are required to submit a write up taking note the following details:

  • All write ups must be typed and submitted in font size 12, Times New Roman single-spaced not exceeding 2500 words or 3 pages in a doc/docx format ONLY.
  • On completion submit the write up to with the subject line – Application for Panel Presentation

The write should cover the following details.

  1. Startup Name & URL
  2. Primary Contact Name/Number/Email
  3. Please provide a brief about each of the founding team member
  4. When was your startup founded? Time in business?
  5. What is your startup idea/product/service.
  6. What pain-point are you solving and what is unique about your startup idea/product/service?
  7. What is the potential of IP? Do you have patents? Have you applied for patents?
  8. Please provide a link to a write-up (if existing) about your startup
  9. Please provide a link to a video (if existing) about your startup.
  10. Do you have any customers yet? If yes, how many and who are they?
  11. Have you identified your target customer segment? If yes, please describe and also tell us how large is the potential market size.
  12. What is your current revenue ? If any.
  13. Who are/would be your competitors and what is your edge over them?
  14. How do you plan to sustain your competitive advantage?
  15. Please tell us about your current team size and profile (other than founders).
  16. Please describe the funding story of your startup till date. How much have the founders put in? Have you raised money from external investors (friends, family, angels, HNI, etc.)?
  17. What are your immediate funding requirements? What would it help you achieve and by when?
  18. What is your visualization for the venture in the next 3-5 years ?
  19. Is this your first venture? If not, please provide brief details about your past ventures.
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