Project Title: Pole

Founder: Shobhit Gupta
Email: shobhit.ggupta@gmail.com

About Project

Pole has been founded with the vision of “Bringing Locations to Life”. We believe that while the world is getting well connected in terms of people living in different parts – there is virtually no mode to get closer where you physically are right now.

Out with their first product – Poletalks – a location based instant reaction platform providing the pulse of a place.

Next time you go to cafe, beach, office or campus and have 1000 people around you- You can never know them but can always Pole them. 🙂

In future we ought to expand to other facets of a location catering to business and information needs. 




















Name: Shobhit Gupta

Subtitle: Project Lead

Category: Team

About Member

An electrical engineer from the halls of Thapar University, Patiala - Shobhit quickly found his passion to builds products and scale team. He was the founder of major college societies which went to a National Level. He founded his first product - www.bluebear.in in his 4th year and scaled to many colleges. In parallel, he took his campus placement at Deloitte Consulting and worked there for 2 years for projects in technology and public policy space based out of US. He left Deloitte to start building Pole - realizing the need for people to share more in their daily lives with minds around them.

His passion is Mountaineering and Adventure Sports. He likes reading history, world politics, sociology and science in his past-time.

Name: Puneet Singh

Category: Intern

About Member

Puneet Singh, a student of Computer Science and Engineering at University Institute of Engineering & Technology, Kanpur University, is working as an intern in Backend Development at Pole. His keen interest is into Algorithm design and analysis, Computation theory.

Name: Gunjan Tunwani

Category: Intern

About Member

Gunjan Tanwani a student of Computers & Communication Engineering from The LNMIIT, Jaipur is interning as an Android Developer at Pole.

Name: Vaishal Shah

Category: Intern

About Member

Vaishal Shah, a student of Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from BITS Pilani. He is currently interning at Pole as an Android developer.

Name: Maitray Shah

Category: Intern

About Member

Maitray Shah, a student of Computer Engineering from Dharmsinh Desai University is currently interning at Pole as an Android Developer.

Name: Dhruvin Patel

Category: Intern

About Member

Dhruvin Patel, a student of Computer Science from IIT Delhi is interning at Pole as a Software Developer.

Name:Amrutha Kishor

Category: Intern

About Member

Amrutha Kishor, a student of Architecture from National Institute of Technology, Calicut is interning as Designer at Pole.

Name: Piyush Kumar

Category: Intern

About Member

Piyush Kumar, a student of Computer Engineering from Institute of Engineering and Technology, Lucknow is interning at Pole as a Web Developer.